Important note: the Stand Against Spying Congressional Scorecard is not being maintained. It is provided here for historical reference, but is not a current reflection of legislators' effort to end mass surveillance.

Where do your representatives stand on illegal mass spying?

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A = High score   F = Low score   ? = Not voted on or sponsored the bills and amendments we are considering

We're standing against mass spying

We are a coalition of organizations and individuals from across the political spectrum advocating for transparency and an end to mass surveillance. Read our story.

We've rated each member of Congress on his or her actions to end or promote mass surveillance. Read about our methodology.

If you’re a Senator, you can Stand Against Spying by co-sponsoring and voting yes on the Senate version of the USA FREEDOM Act, S. 2685, and supporting amendments that strengthen the bill.

If you’re a Representative, you can Stand Against Spying by supporting the stronger Senate version of USA FREEDOM instead of the weakened House version, H.R. 3361.

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